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Customer Testimonials

Paul Henks

Seeing in the new year in Sydney, Australia with the best spices on the planet!

Christopher Watje

Awesome company, amazing owner, knows his stuff when it comes to cooking and grilling, leagues better than any other seasonings out there. He also has margarita rim dressing as well, which is     .

Daniel Serrata

Lemon Lemon Pepper and Red River Fajita seasoning⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. Oh and I can't forget about that Hell Yeah seasoning.

Monica Weis

High quality spices with salt free options. I won't make a gumbo or a jambalaya without their "that crazy cajun" seasoning. Its become a staple in my kitchen.

Russell Davis

Used the Garlic Black Pepper Trail on my ribs, came out great!


Paul Henks

Best seasonings I've ever tasted. I bought a stack to take back to Australia and everyone who has tried them says they are the best! You won't find better anywhere.

Alicia Heliker

My husband and I love cowboy spice. We use our spices on everything we cook. Best stuff ever!!! We have about 12 bottles currently and always coming back for more

Samantha Beasley

This is some of the best and most amazing spices. Everyone was so helpful. You won't find anything like these spices anyplace else. Just amazing...


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