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Gary Able, Founder

I created Cowboy Spice Company over 30 years ago. And after cooking in a lot of charity cook-offs, I was not winning any awards. Unhappy with the seasoning I used off the shelves, I took a blending class. Then set out to create amazing seasonings that you can now share with family and friends.


It's the most difficult thing to master in making any food taste amazing! 

These seasonings were created after mixing and testing several ingredients over a period time. After perfecting my seasonings, I started winning at cook-offs and people started asking for samples of my Cowboy Spices to enjoy at home.

Gary Abel, Founder

Sweet Heat Seasoning

Sweet Heat "Original" is a sweet style BBQ seasoning with a touch of heat and it's unlike any other BBQ seasoning on the market today. My friends have asked me repeatedly to bottle my Cowboy Spice Sweet Heat so they could share my spices with their family & friends.

This is a "Before and After" seasoning sometimes referred to as a "dry rub." You have to put it on before and after cooking for absolutely awesome flavor.  See the expressions on your friends faces when you have them over for dinner or a cookout. They’ll want to know what's your amazing secret and we certainly hope you can’t keep a secret. Bet they’ll want some Cowboy Spices to take home. So you better have some extra on hand. 

Sweet Heat is so amazing, you’ll love passing it out as gifts to your family and friends, or, as a company promotional item instead of ink pens, key chains, coffee cups, and stuff.  And, they will love you for it while you gain new respect as a real BBQ expert. Cowboy Spice company has over fifteen different dry rub seasonings.


Only the very best ingredients were added to my Sweet Heat seasoning formula which is sweet with a touch of heat and has several ingredients that very few experts know about.


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